Many of you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Fibre Argenteuil High Speed Internet service.
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Welcome to our Community
Hello Rami,

Many of you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Fibre Argenteuil High Speed Internet service. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will be able to follow the progress of our network deployment phases and the company’s development, and have access to exclusive bonus offers. By subscribing to Fibre Argenteuil’s services, you will benefit from attractive packages that will save you money.

The Fibre Argenteuil Team is growing...
Left to right: Sales & Marketing Coordinator Émilie Renaud, Administrative Coordinator Anne Fortin, General Manager Denis Huberdeau and Technical Coordinator Caroline Gosselin.
Denis Huberdeau nominated
General Manager of Fibre Argenteuil Inc.

Mr. Huberdeau has a long track record in the telecommunications industry, having worked for more than twenty years in the field, notably at Bell Canada, CGI and Telecon. Denis is surrounded by an experienced and dedicated team at Fibre Argenteuil, whose mission is to facilitate, provide and maintain high-speed Internet access to the largest number of residents in the Argenteuil MRC territory.

Progress Being Made
Last September, Fibre Argenteuil General Manager Denis Huberdeau met with the Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, and Stéphane Lauzon, Member of Parliament for Argenteuil - La Petite-Nation. To learn the details of their meeting, click on the following link to the Facebook article:
The MRC d’Argenteuil and Fibre Argenteuil are making an online mapping tool available to the population showing the fibre optic high speed internet deployment projects (installation phase) currently being carried out by the MRC.

To check the installation phase in your area, simply enter your civic address by clicking on the button below:

Opening for Subscriptions
You can now subscribe to Fibre Argenteuil's services. Subscribe to our services before the network deployment is completed, and your services will be installed in 2 steps.

2-step installation?
Step 1: Installation of the fibre optic cable from the pole to your residence.
Step 2: Final connection when deployment of the phase for your area is completed. That is when we will finalize installation inside your home by connecting the equipment, such as the Wi-Fi router and any other equipment, if necessary.

Why should I subscribe now?
As we roll out the network for each phase, we will prioritize customers whose installation of Step 1 is completed. This means that we will schedule your installation of Step 2 before those who have not subscribed sooner, like you.

In addition, when subscribing to a COMBO or TRIO package, the Basic Residential Installation is completely free. Don't worry, you won't be billed as long as the 2-step installation are completed and your services are activated.

To mark the opening of subscriptions, the first subscribers in each phase will receive one of 100 bonus gift kits* following the final installation at Step 2. By being among the first in your phase to subscribe, you could receive the following (according to your chosen package):

INTERNET Bonus Gift*
*Be among the first 50 clients
to subscribe to High Speed Internet service ONLY and receive:
a mouse pad, an eco-friendly pen and a tritan bottle.
COMBO Bonus Gift*
*Be among the first 25 clients to subscribe to a COMBO package and receive: a mouse pad, an eco-friendly pen, a tritan bottle and a keychain.
TRIO Bonus Gift*
*Be among the first 25 clients to subscribe to a TRIO package and receive: an illuminated pen, a tritan bottle, Bluetooth wireless headphones with a charging box.
Fibre Argenteuil and Safety
Health and safety is important to us, both for our team and our clients. Fibre Argenteuil has introduced health measures that comply with current laws and the recommendations of the public health authorities. So when one of our technicians visits your home, a health protocol will be followed to keep everyone safe.
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